Software analysis

Remote supervision and Online-Monitoring. Measuring data, anytime.

Due to the software used by us, we have access to measuring data of all wind-powered plants at any time and so we are always able to call up and evaluate the current conditions "state of health" of all components of the plants.

Condition Monitoring with OMNITREND®

By OMNITREND® provided measuring data is transferred over cables to our data collector VIBSCANNER® - and likewise over cables the collected machine data is transferred back to the PC.

Evaluation measuring data

Clear trend diagrams are displayed on the screen and indicate which measurements excede outside tolerance levels. Printed alarm protocols or downtime statistics enable ISO-fair documentation.

Rotalign® PRO® Explorer

Files are uploaded from and downloaded to the ROTALIGN PRO® unit, giving you the option of analyzing and configuring individual machine files from the convenience of your PC. ROTALIGN PRO® Explorer determines optimum performance. Our local field service personnel measurement of performance with access to the appropriate data collection template.

Determine measured data

Note at first sight this comprehensive diagram shows the machines disposition to one another. At the same time you can obtain the necessary correction values to be phased in and you can select the optimal correction procedure.

Remote supervision and Online-Monitoring

To arrange necessary repairs / incase of disturbances or breakdown by remote diagnostics, we introduce all required sanctions and restart the plant with our Online-Monitoring-Tools of Mita wind power management systems, Sentic, KK electronics, Oltec and Dan control effevtively.